Xfire 1.142 Build 44823

Xfire 1.142 Build 44823
Xfire is an perfect messenger and tracker for all gamers. With this application you will always know when and where you friends are playing games no matter which server are they on. All this is done automatically and you will always know what your friends are playing and you can easily join them. If you are using Xfire you will not need to use any other additional application that is used for instant messaging, IRC client or any other type of tracker.
With support for wide range of games Xfire allows you to track servers where are played games like real time strategies, first person shooter, role playing games but also games that does not require server.
Key features of Xfire:
- Send in game messages while you play with your friends
- It will keep track of when and where your friends are playing PC games online and lets you join them easily and fast
- You can browse many various servers with this application
- Xfire provides a powerful file download system
- Get all your stats in one place
- Join in on their games with one click
- See what the friends of your friends are playing
- Xfire provides miniprofiles

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