PlanetShakers – Outback Worship Sessions

01. Like A Fire
02. Spirit Of God
03. Leave Me Astounded
04. My Soul Longs For Jesus
05. Endless Praise
06. Nothing Is Impossible
07. Covered
08. Father
09. Made For Worship
10. This Is The Day
11. This Is Our Time


Hillsong - Empires

01 Here Now (Madness)
02 Say the Word
03 Heart Like Heaven
04 Touch the Sky
05 Street Called Mercy
06 When I Lost My Heart To You (Hallelujah)
07 Even When It Hurts (Praise Song)
08 Prince of Peace
09 Empires
10 Rule
11 Captain
12 Closer Than You Know


Sound Of Praise - Great

Telah Lahir
Yesus Yesus Ajaib
Yesus Dasar Imanku
Aku Aman
Hallelujah! He Never Fails
Kami Memuji KebesaranMu
Holding On To You
Our Great God
My God


Harvest Praise Ministry - Anthem Of Love

01. Intro
02. Kaulah Satu
03. Inilah Hidupku
04. Anthem Of Love
05. Karena KasihMu
06. Kudus Kudus
07. Di Atas S'gala Nama
08. With One Voice
09. Ku Tahu Kau Selalu
10. Your Love Will Never End
11. Need You Lord
12. More Than a Conqueror
13. Terhebat


Harvest Praise Ministry - This Is Our Church

01. Harvest Praise Ministry – S'gala Puji S'gala Hormat
02. Harvest Praise Ministry – This Is The Day
03. Harvest Praise Ministry – Kupercaya
04. Harvest Praise Ministry – To The One Above
05. Harvest Praise Ministry – Kaulah Kekuatanku (Mandarin)
06. Harvest Praise Ministry – Emmanuel
07. Harvest Praise Ministry – Kau Sahabatku
08. Harvest Praise Ministry – Kaulah Jalan Kebenaran
09. Harvest Praise Ministry – Aku Jadi MilikMu
10. Harvest Praise Ministry – This Is Our Church

Israel Houghton - Jesus At The Center

1. The Intro - Colossians
2. Jesus The Same
3. Rez Power
4. No Turning Back
5. Te Amo - featuring T-Bone
6. I Call You Jesus
7. Oh, How I Love Jesus
8. Jesus At The Centre
9. Jesus At The Centre (Reprise)
10. Speechless
11. It's Not Over
12. Your Presence Is Heaven
13. More And More
14. Hosanna Medley (Hosanna / You Have Me / You Hold My World / Moving Forward)
15. Feel My Love
16. Overflow
17. More Than Enough
18. It's Not Over feat. Jason Nelson and James Fortune (Studio Version) [Bonus Track]
19. Your Presence is Heaven (Studio Version) [Bonus Track]
20. Jesus At The Center (Studio Version) [Bonus Track]


Sound Of Praise - I Live For You

Tuhan Adalah Terangku
Dari Kemulian Sampai Kemuliaan
Dengar, Terima. Dipulihkan
I Live ForYou
Benteng Hidupku
Kuhidup BagiMu

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