Disciples - Jesus Rock

I was lost now
I’m found jesus rock rock rock
rock rock rock my lifei feel grace
Im alivejesus rock rock
rock rock rock rock my life
move aside
It’s allright
Hang on tight
Let me se the light light light light light
He heals the blind
He so divine
Oh jesus rock rock rock rock
Put it on rewind wind wind wind
Kusadari ku tak lagi
Buta dan diubah jadi
Sukahati kuhadapi
Dunia dengan murah hati
Take my hands to fly away
I was lost you showed the way
In my heart you’re here to stay
And i just wanna say

Dengarkan rasakan
Ingin diriku ungkapkan
Kuasa, anugrah
Nyata di dalam dunia
My jesus, jesus rockmy jesus, jesus rocksungguh aku bangga
Dia luar biasa
You made me realize
That you are in my life
I am yours and you are mine
Thank you for your grace in me
And now i’m free
You rocked my life
Oooooooo jesus rock
Oooooooo jesus rock
Oooooooo jesus rock (jump jump jump jump)oooooooo jesus rock (jump jump jump jump)

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